About us

M-VAL has been incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act Cap 486 of the Laws of
Kenya. The relevant incorporation and compliance certificates are attached as Appendix I. The
firm, through its directors/consultants, operates under the provisions of the Valuers Act Cap
532 and the Estate Agents Act Cap 533 of the Laws of Kenya.
M-VAL offers high-level consultancy services in the entire spectrum of the real estate investment
arena. At M-VAL, we believe that for an investment in real estate to meet its objectives, be they
financial, social, political, and cultural, and in this case for utility and functionality, it must be
founded on a strong foundation and must continuously grow positively. To achieve these
objectives, the real estate assets must be continually managed with the highest possible
The principal consultants have relevant academic and professional qualifications gained from
the many years of practice in real estate in diverse geopolitical and economic environments.
They have acquired a wealth of data in the real estate investment field and it is this body of
knowledge that enables M-VAL to analyze market conditions rapidly in order to provide
informed forecasts, analysis of trends in supply, demand, prices, and rents as well as detailed
reports on the myriad aspects of property investment to its various clients. Our increasing
branch network in the Kenyan market allows us to gather information and gather in-depth
knowledge on the Kenyan real estate market as we propel to serve the East African region. This
unique advantage allows us to effortlessly bring together those who have excess real estate
capacity and those who do not have or have a shortage of the commodity. We also bring
together those who facilitate real estate investment (such as financiers) and other stakeholders
and those who desire to participate in this oldest industry. In a few words, we provide the platform
to bring the investment world together.
In order to meet our objectives of providing the bedrock on which investors can anchor their
investment in real estate and ensure that it continuously grows, we are guided by a vision, a mission, and a set of core values.



Our vision is “To be a market leader and be the leading valuation and real estate
management and consultancy firm in the country and beyond. To make M-VAL, the firm
of choice in the real estate spectrum.”
To achieve our vision, we intend “To provide the most accurate, reliable and timely real
estate consultancy services by continuously gathering and analyzing information, by
attracting and retaining the most qualified and experienced consultants and adopting the
most efficient technology”.
Our consultancy services are anchored on the following core values:
 Professionalism- ensuring that all our services meet the highest international
professional standards and allowing our consultants to achieve their highest professional
 Integrity and business ethics- ensuring that we observe the highest standards of
integrity, ethics, and best and next business practices in the discharge of our various
 Focus on Clients- accepting that our clients are the only reason we are in practice, we
ensure that our clients (investors, tenants, facilitators, contractors, and other
collaborating consultants) are fully satisfied with our services.
 Service to the community- acknowledging that the communities in which we operate have
invested in an enabling environment; we ensure that we commit part of our income and
time for community services.